A warm welcome to

Boston Pioneers Free School Academy

A warm welcome to Boston Pioneers Academy, Lincolnshire’s first Free School.

Our aim at Pioneers is to encourage and enable all children towards the realisation of their own unique talents. We aspire to ignite within every child a lifelong love of learning through the provision of a rich and exciting curriculum, which will ultimately help them to see that all accomplishments start with a dream and that all dreams are possible. This is encapsulated in our Academy Motto: ‘Sic Itur Ad Astra’ – Thus one journeys to the stars.

At Pioneers we set the highest standards for our pupils in terms of both their academic progress and their conduct. Our Academy is centred around our ‘R.E.A.C.H.’ Values:

Resilience – We keep trying, even when things are tough

Excellence – We strive for excellence in all we do

Ambition – We are ambitious for ourselves and those around us

Care – We are caring and compassionate to each other

Honesty – We are honest in what we say and what we do

Apart from home, school is the single most important place in the lives of most children. Their experience of school will play a vital role in their lives and be a key determiner in their future. As such, we understand how important it is to decide on the right school for your child. No website can effectively convey the ethos or feel of a school and I would therefore welcome you to come and visit in person in order that you can meet our team and experience the vibrancy of Pioneers for yourself.

Miss. J. Bland

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