Curriculum Statement

At Boston Pioneers Academy we believe that inside each pupil is an innate sense of creativity that must not be allowed to lie dormant.  Rather, it is our job, as the educators of today to nurture, develop and if necessary re-ignite the innate gifts of childhood so often lost in today’s busy society.

At Boston Pioneers, we do not want our children to simply look at the stars, we want them to REACH for them:


Our school’s core values are at the heart of all we do and are interwoven into all learning opportunities.

Our curriculum is based on:

Oracy, Vocabulary, Reading and Literacy: ‘Learning the words to learn’

  • Oracy and language developmentis at the heart of our curriculum as we believe that enhancing vocabulary and the ability to articulate learning and opinion is vital for success throughout school and beyond.  Good oracy leads to higher order thinking and deeper understanding.
  • We recognise that language needs to be explicitly ‘taught’ throughout all areas of learning and not simply ‘caught’ in order to close the attainment gap.
  • The greatest gift we can give as a teacher is giving the children the ability to read and comprehend a rich variety of texts. It is imperative that every child masters the phonic code as soon as possible as reading allows pupils to develop their knowledge of themselves and the world in which they live; to establish an appreciation and love of reading and to gain knowledge across the curriculum.  It is our intention to ensure that, by the end of their primary education, all pupils are able to read fluently, and with confidence, in any subject in their forthcoming secondary education.

Experiential learning: ‘I see and I wonder, I hear and I remember, I do and I understand’

  • Nothing is more powerful than the memories created by a child’s experiences. Apart from home, school is the single-most important place in the lives of most children.  Their experience of school will play a vital role in their lives and will determine their academic, social and occupational future.  At Pioneers, we strive to provide our pupils with a range of carefully planned, hands-on learning opportunities, across all areas of the curriculum in order to develop cultural capital.
  • We strive to provide a sense of awe and wonder, which in turn instils a thirst for learning amongst our students.
  • As our pupils come to us with a variety of early life-experiences, such activities act as a ‘leveller’: promoting equality of access to the curriculum and providing our pupils with an experience upon which to ‘hang’ their learning.
  • The personal nature of experiential learning engages our students’ emotions, which in turn aids their retention of knowledge and skills and develops a love of learning.

Raising Aspirations – ‘The world beyond Boston’

  • Our aim at Boston Pioneers is to encourage and enable every child towards the realisation of their own unique talents.
  • We want to instil in them a strive for excellence in all they do through our expectation of participation, fulfilment and success in every aspect of the curriculum.
  • We want to encourage our students to understand the world beyond their direct experience so that they appreciate the richness and diversity of the global community of which they are a part.

Care and Guidance: ‘Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care’.

  • Care and guidance sit at the heart of our school. As an Academy, we recognise that pupils who are socially and emotionally healthy have a greater chance of achieving success in school and later life.
  • Positive social-emotional development builds the communication skills necessary for learning throughout a child’s life and beyond. Listening, problem solving, teamwork and resilience are key employment skills for the future and so failure to explicitly develop these in our students would be a failure on our part to prepare them for life in Modern Britain.

Our curriculum is the powerhouse of learning at our Academy and the acquisition of knowledge is at the heart of this.  We have invested highly in developing a precise, progressive sequence of knowledge and skills that we feel our children need to be taught within each year they are with us in order to ensure they are ‘progression ready’. 

We place an equal rigour on planning all subjects and although subject specific knowledge and skills are taught, we adopt a cross-curricular approach to the teaching of many of these in order that children are able to make connections.  Afterall, the more connections that the mind makes, the better it is able to learn and retain information. Cross-curricular teaching helps students make more connections and gives more meaning and relevance to the subjects and skills they are learning; supporting them to ‘Know more to learn more’.