Gaming is where you can play games online with lots of different people from all over the world.

You can play with people you know and also people you don’t. Gaming is a great way of meeting new online friends who like the same games as you and you can also chat to people you meet on gaming sites.

IT’S IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER THAT IT IS ONLY A GAME, and sometimes you will win and sometimes you will lose. There is nothing wrong with losing – with lots of practice you will get better.
Some people may get nasty when playing online games as they want to win. Make sure that when you play online games, you don’t upset anyone in order to win or get to the next level. Also remember not to do anything that you know is wrong to get cheats or tips.
It’s always best to use a nickname when you are using gaming sites, rather than give out your real name. Some people who you meet online may not be who they say they are, so remember not to give people you meet on the gaming sites information about yourself.