EYFS Intake September 2020

A warm welcome to our Academy from all of Team Pioneers!

Starting school is always a nervous time, often more so for the parents than the children.  However, our aim at Pioneers Academy is to make the transition to Primary School as smooth as possible.  Transitions are an inevitable part of any child’s educational journey and we appreciate that in these unprecedented times our transition arrangements will not be the same as usual.

At Pioneers Academy we recognise that a child’s social and emotional well-being is paramount to ensure a smooth and positive transition into school.  Despite the current COVID restrictions being in place, we think it is essential that children have the opportunity to visit the setting prior to them starting with us and to allow yourselves, as parents and carers, to meet the team and ask any questions in order that all parties are ready for their new start.  These face to face opportunities to visit the setting and meet the team are being scheduled for August and I would encourage you to book one via the school office.

This page will be updated regularly, but please find below some welcome videos from the staff team so you can begin to put names to faces.

We look forward to seeing you all in August!

Miss Bland

Meet the EYFS Team

Below you will find a selection of videos introducing the staff members of the Early Years team.


First of all we would like you to meet Miss Danby. You will be able to meet Miss Danby in the video below! Miss Danby is going to be Lions Class teacher! She is looking forward to meeting you all in September.






Next we would like you to meet Miss Stretton. You can meet Miss Stretton in the video below! Miss Stretton will be Alligators class teacher alongside Mrs Cave. She is excited to meet you all in September.





Below you will find a video of Mrs Watson, one of the Teaching Assistants in Early Years. Mrs Watson is also looking forward to meeting you all in September.


Videos to help you at home!

Below you will find a video of Miss Danby and Miss Stretton practicing their numbers. The techniques they are demonstrating can be used at home!

Suzie goes to school!

Click on the link below to read a special story recommended by Miss Danby!

Suzie goes to school.

Welcome Pack

In the video below Miss Stretton will show you the items included in your welcome pack.

Miss Danby’s All About Me Box!

In the video below Miss Danby will be showing you her all about me box. During the summer the EYFS team have asked you, our new intake, to create a memory bag of your summer break. This can contain anything from photos of things you have done to objects significant to you! The only restriction is that it needs to fit in the memory bag we are providing you with. You will need to bring your memory bag with you to school when you begin to share your memories with your class teacher.