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School Performance Tables

Performance Data

Welcome to our school’s Performance Data section, where we provide a transparent overview of our learners’ achievements.

What is GLD?

GLD, or Good Level of Development, is a key milestone in early education. It measures a child’s progress across various areas of learning, ensuring they have the skills and knowledge needed for a successful start in primary school.

What is the National Phonics Screen?

The National Phonics Screen is a vital assessment undertaken by our Year 1 students. It evaluates their ability to decode and blend sounds, a crucial foundation for strong reading and comprehension skills. We are proud of our consistent efforts in achieving high pass rates, reflecting our commitment to nurturing confident readers.


As students progress through their primary years, they encounter SATs (Standard Assessment Tests).  These are taken Nationally at the end of years 2 and 6.  After sitting the SATs pupils are assigned a category of performance, which represents whether they are working at the expected standard for a child of their age, below the expected standard or at greater depth in the expected standard.

Our most recent set of performance data can be seen below:

You can compare our performance with that of other schools in the locality by visiting the DfE Compare Schools Performance Portal:

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