Ethos and Values

Our school revolves around a set of key promises we make to both our parents and pupils known as ‘The Pioneer Pledges’

Pledge 1: Academic Success for All

We believe that every child, regardless of their life experiences, with the right teaching and environment, can reach their full potential.

Pledge 2: To Nurture Children with High Aspirations

We believe that the only limits in your life are those that you impose on yourself and we have high expectations of all of our pupils.

Pledge 3: To Develop Well-Rounded, Global Citizens

We aim to create pupils who will make a positive contribution to society.

Pledge 4: To create a life-long love of learning in our pupils –

We want our pupils’ to look back fondly on their education and believe that learning should be fun.

Pledge 5: To Ensure All Our Pupils Are Well Prepared For the Next Phase of Their Learning Journey

We aim to provide a firm foundation for our pupils’ future whatever it may hold.

What is a Free School?

Boston Pioneers Free School was set up by a group of local educational experts in September 2013 in response to local demand.  Free Schools are a form of Academy, independent of control by the Local Authority that receive their funding direct from central government via a funding agreement. However, unlike most other Academies which are schools formerly under Local Authority control, Free Schools are set up in response to what a local community wants and needs in order to improve education for children in the community which it serves.